Don’t just be another ordinary writer, transcriber, virtual assistant or anything else you’re doing

The month of May 2018 was my most productive month ever since I was born! I write this on June 5th as I reflect on my June plans.

In May, I did some things that left guys asking me “Hey! Was this done by you, your employee or a robot?!”.

Let me give some examples:

– I wrote more words than ever, one day doing well over 12k words!

– I didn’t do many social media updates (I’d promised to cut down on that), but some that I did were the MOST powerful ever. For the first time in life I did a post that got over 600 likes/reactions and hundreds of comments which I mostly replied to personally (not a robot hehe).

– For the first time EVER, I did a mail that had hundreds of responses, forwards, shares etc. Some even copy-pasted it on WhatsApp and shared with friends. Imagine having an email go VIRAL! That was one pleasant surprise!

– I got some of my clients to even triple their workload. Some came with fantastic feedback. I was even blessed with bonuses/tips!

In short, I got more positive feedback on my major platforms – blog, email and social – than before. My clients are also super-happy and some have increased my rate/workload. I’m still doing my best to improve all my stuff and take them to the next level.


I’ll talk more about this later, but here are a few things you can take to the bank:

1. You WILL PAY FOR TRAINING – either in cash or energy (googling+YouTubing+trial and error). I dedicated to get “sharpened” more than ever this year. I’m reading a book every few days and once in a while taking a course.

2. Get the right MINDSET and HABITS. Imagine I’m no longer a night owl. After the mini-course “Become a Writing Machine” I decided to implement what it states, including waking up at 5am instead of staying up late. I also decided to cut my social media time from 5 hours a day to just one hour. And got the right tools to track that time.

3. FEED YOUR MIND, just like you feed your body. I got that from the book “Millionaire Success Habits”. I’d also gotten this from a productivity series by Eben Pagan. Nowadays I start my day by reading the bible, praying, reading a book then I start working. Now reading “How I Lost $170 Million Dollars” by Noah Kagan. This is free in Amazon Kindle, but extremely powerful!

4. Get the RIGHT MENTORS. Read a lot of books written by successful people. Follow them on Facebook and everywhere else. I read all posts by the billionaire Strive Masiyiwa, for example. Follow him if you don’t.

5. SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES. These knock on every man’s door. Like right now, if you carefully look around you, you may notice some gaps that you can fill either for free or at a fee. Take advantage NOW. I usually say that the best time to grab opportunities are when people are looking the other way!

I’ll talk more about productivity in other posts. Hopefully if you carefully follow those tips, your month of June will be awesome.

One more thing: If you wrote your resolutions somewhere, go back and open it up. It’s June. Half of the year remains. You can still redeem yourself in terms of what you’d want to do this year! Only if you DOUBLE your producitivity.

How do you boost your productivity? What do you do so that you’re not just an ordinary freelancer?

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