Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone and You

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve watched videos from these two guys. Just dropping this here then I watch another Grant video real quick.

Let me back this up a little bit. I’m constantly a student, and constantly a trainee. So, a few weeks ago I decided to take my learning up a notch and reduce on social media. The results? Pure gold!

Tai and Grant have so much clout in the online marketing industry right now.

Make use of pain

Tai grew up in a mobile home. Grant was so down at some point that he turned to drugs and alcohol. Wasted his life. Grant hated selling at that point. But later, Grant decided to strive to make sure he’s the best salesman in his space.

You ARE going to have pain in your life. You don’t WANT it, but you’ll get it. How you deal with pain matters. A lot. Pain breeds passion. That passion can lead you to doing bad things or awesome, phenomenal things. Make the right choice.

Where is marketing going?

Hehehe… In 2012, I would simply churn out a blog post and it would get so much traction. I still do.

But one thing that’s getting heavier traction is video. And social media.

I’m not doing so bad in social media. Still learning though.

I’m hoping to video at some point so I’m learning from such guys. Not just these guys, I’m watching comedians, TED Talk presentations and anyone else who is properly using video. I told you to learn from everywhere, right. I’ve even just learnt from Trevor Noah’s journey just this morning.

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll note that I take so much time in PREPARATION then I go ALL IN! I may go to video maybe in 2020 if God wills. Can be sooner or later depending on God’s will.

I used to be all over in the mainstream media, YouTube and stuff but I cut that down in 2015 and gave myself a 5 year break.

A break to do what? Yes, you guessed it right? Preparation first then I go ALL IN. I’ve said NO to lots and lots of media appearances. The last media appearance I had was in 2015 in Pastor James Okumu’s show in Radio 316…

….then my big break till hopefully 2020 (sooner or later God willing) as I prepare and polish my WRITING, TRAINING and MENTORSHIP SKILLS to phenomenal levels!

Handling opposition

These guys have been ridiculed. Let me tell you some horrible truth:

If you’re to one day GO BIG, you WILL BE ridiculed. Doesn’t matter the industry. It can be politics, religion, business, non-profit…name it. It’s gonna happen. Many give up, these guys don’t. You shouldn’t as well.

In fact, Tai is part of a mastermind group. These were popularized by Napoleon Hill in the book Think and Grow Rich. Grant also has a lot of great, successful buddies who mentor him and push him to the next level.

Such help you feel close to NOTHING about the few ridicules you may get. You stay focused on your cause.

Say this with me. Say it like you mean it!

“I’m going to get a list of people who are successful in their fields. I’ll then objectively, and without ridiculing them, get as much value as I can from them. If need be, I’ll take up their free or even paid stuff like courses and books.”

Note that you’re the sum total of the people you associate with. If you revolve around circles of people earning, say 30 to 50k, there’s a high chance you’ll remain at 30 to 50k. But if you revolve around circles of people earning 50M to 100M, it may take time, grit, wit, hard work, smart work etc, but you CAN one day earn that and more.

Your network is your net worth.

They inspire

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve noticed that stress levels seem to be high in many people’s lives. Horrible horrible horrible things happening out there. People need a kind word and a helping hand.

Grant and Tai inspire people. They give hope. They use their real life stories plus what they’ve learnt to change the world.

Inspire someone. Even if you’re not good at social media, reach out to someone in your locality and give them a helping hand.

They make mistakes

Sorry, but you WILL make mistakes. I’m reading the bible and I’m seeing that, apart from Jesus, EVERY SINGLE BIBLICAL HERO made mistakes.

Due to their mistakes, people ridiculed them. But that’s just cheap thinking and something that’s bad for entrepreneurship.

Good entrepreneurs don’t look at things that way. You don’t tie cheap emotions to big brands. These guys MUST be doing something right. Find that right thing and learn from it. Even that wrong thing, learn from it as well. Ridiculing is just a waste of your mental space.

By now, you must have learnt from people like Obama and Zuckerberg that mental space is not something that you need to cheaply waste by ridiculing people. People WILL make mistakes.

Hehehe… Funny thing is that Tai’s biggest critic later created a video and even a podcast that marketed Tai.

Write this down: Sometimes a critic is just someone who hasn’t understood your journey yet. They’ll come around. But before then, keep moving.

OVER TO YOU [Insert your first name here :)]!

I’ll watch a couple more of their videos before moving to the next guys.

I’m reading Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule and may read all his other books as well. I actually learnt about Grant from Arthur Ndubi aka Keyword Niche. He posted one of Grant’s videos in RFWA, many ignored, but I picked up from there.

Watch a couple of these guys’ videos and read Grant’s books.

I personally love Tai’s view on reading books and mentorship. I love Grant’s view on first learning exactly what it will take to succeed and taking what he calls MASSIVE ACTION. You can’t build a house without first counting costs and knowing exactly what it should take to build that house. Amazing. Those who read the bible already know this though from Jesus’ teachings!

Note that Tai Lopez WILL RETARGET YOU like crazy but don’t worry about that. Retargeting means that once you go to his site, you’ll see him EVERYWHERE. On YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc through ads. You’ll think he’s stalking you.

Learn from successful people. You don’t have to do everything they do. Learn from them and use whatever’s good for you!

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