On reading 50 books this year

How’s your reading going?

This year, I decided to do one major thing; to read at least 50 books.

Importance of reading in the morning

Every morning I read the bible and a couple of chapters of a book. I even changed my lifestyle from being a night owl to an early morning person.

Reading this way in the morning makes me inspired and motivated for the day ahead. Evidently, people say I appear to be more inspired/inspiring than ever!

What I’m proudest of

What I’m proudest of is completing the Bible in One Year plan that I started last year. It’s been so uplifting and good for my journey. I’m now doing the “Bible in One Year 2018” Plan. Just started today. Hoping to complete in June 2019. Join me!

You can get these plans in the Bible app by Life.Church or just head over to Bible.com and sign up. The app and site are from the same guys so it’s all synchronized.

Choose books in accordance to your journey

I’ve read important books that are great for my journey. So far here’s the list of what I’ve read:

1. Bible in One Year (This is a plan in the YouVersion Bible App where you read the entire bible, Genesis to Revelation, in one year). It’s free and guides me on my spiritual journey.

2. How to Get Clients Even if Nobody’s Ever Heard of You by Frank Kern (PAID). Great tips on how to get clients, and not just normal clients, but those who value you.

3. Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi (PAID). What a read? A successful, wealthy, healthy life is all about the right daily habits.

4. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (PAID). An all-time best-seller. Great tips on the right mindset for success.

5. How I Lost 170 Million Dollars by Noah Kagan (FREE). You learn more in failure than in success. This multi-millionaire shares his lessons learnt from his most painful moment. Also lots about how Facebook was created. And a deep look at Mark Zuckeberg before the lights. Good for someone who’s lost a fortune before as well.

You can get the free ones above from Amazon Kindle.

I’m now reading Make Money as a Life Coach by Sally Miller and Melissa Ricker.

This is in line with book number 2 above. I’ll one day heavily shift to premium consulting/coaching, where I’ll just have a handful of high-end clients who change the world!

You’ll note that these books are not random. They’re all somehow related with what I’m doing. Create your own list that perfectly suits your plans.

How I’ll accomplish this single resolution

I’m on my 6th book. There are 29 weeks left till 2018 ends. To read 50+ books, I need to be doing 2 books a week, which I successfully started doing last week!

I’ll also read half of the bible through the “Bible in One Year 2018” plan.

Why just 6 books in 6 months so far? See, I had lost my reading culture long ago. I focused on blogs, webinars, podcasts etc. Imagine last year I only read 1 book!

It wasn’t easy getting back to reading this year. But you know me; I strive to achieve whatever I put my mind to. Pray for me to achieve this as well.

Within these six months, I’ve been pushing myself to get back to the reading culture. I’m happy with the progress. Nowadays I do it so effortlessly, unlike a while back when I had to FORCE myself to read.

Creating time to read

How did I create time to read? Simple. I stopped doing 5 hours a day on social media and nowadays I just do 1-2 hours. Sometimes zero social media. I reduced the time spent on webinars/podcasts/YouTube/random blogs. That additional time is now used for bible/book reading.

I also realized that if I pushed reading to the end of the day, I wouldn’t do it properly. I’d easily skip days. So nowadays I do it at the beginning of the day. That way I hardly ever miss!

As stated, I make sure everyday I read the a few chapters of the bible and a book. My target is locked. By the end of 2018 I’ll have read 50+ books, God willing.

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