Never use this: “Although I’m new to Upwork (or wherever else), I’m a fast learner and will still give you pure gold.”

“Although I’m new to Upwork (or wherever else), I’m a fast learner and will still give you pure gold.”

NEVER USE THAT! Most clients don’t care whether you’re new or old. What they care the most about is whether you can deliver the work or not.

Let’s analyze that INEFFECTIVE statement:

“New to Upwork”??!? So what?

Hehehehe… When old in Upwork will you say “Hey, I’m old in Upwork, but not rusty…” 😂😂


They want someone who CAN write good copy already. In short, you’re hired when you convince them you’ll deliver pure gold. Not out of sympathy. Not because they want to “help boost this new guy’s profile”.

“Fast learner”??!? Oh my!

Are you looking for a client or a trainer? Clients do not really want to TRAIN you how to write good copy.

You may ask, “But they will show me how to work their style. And maybe point out stuff in my first pieces of content. Right?”

Yes, they may point out things you may need to improve. But only if it’s just 5% of the copy. Ok, maybe 10%.

Listen to this:

If your copy is 90% bad, you’re out. If you’re CONSTANTLY sending copy with mistakes, you’re out. If you’re not spending your own time to IMPROVE, you’ll soon be replaced by a new guy. Out.

Get this right:

A client is NOT a trainer. I repeat. They’re not there to train you. You’ll need to train yourself or invest in a trainer. Constantly. Welcome to the world of constant learning…(no two ways around that).

OK. Let’s go to the last part of that bad statement:

“still give you pure gold” ??!? Hehe…

WHAT is pure gold?

Has someone ever told you something like this:

“Go to Restaurant X. They have the best beef.”

Then you RUSH to Restaurant X and get the WORST BEEF EVER. Did your friend lie to you? No. To THEM, Restaurant X provides the best beef. That’s pure gold for them.

But since you’re used to Intercontinental, Hilton, Norfolk, Windsor etc, Restaurant X is just NOT for you. Their beef is total hogwash.

Let’s check out another scenario:

“Hey! I just bought this beef from Restaurant X. Have a bite please.”

You taste it and wow!!! The beef is so tasty, toothsome, yummy, sumptuous, juicy…uuuuh! Leaves you jumping up and down like a baby boy on sugar rush 😂😂. You’ve never tasted anything like it. You instantly fall in love with Restarant X.


You’ve TASTED their beef and indeed it’s PURE GOLD for you. Let clients TASTE your writing skills by seeing your “wooow”, “aaawww”, “uuuwi” samples.

If you tell them, “It will be pure gold”, go ahead and describe what you mean e.g. high quality, well-researched, result-driven…you get the drift. Then, once again, let them “TASTE” your writing skills by giving them a MOUTHWATERING SAMPLE.

Write a fresh sample every few weeks. Don’t just retain that sample you were using when being trained. Fresh samples show your IMPROVEMENT.

Want to get more clients to say ‘YEEES’?

Demonstrate you can deliver. Don’t look for sympathy.

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